Salamander Sinkers are snag resistant and lead free. Use them for bottom bouncing, casting, current, drifting, float fishing and trolling. They are extremely effective in current. In still water the tubular design makes long casts a breeze. Anglers are now able to fish rock laden waters that were previously off limits. Salamander Sinkers are great for bass, crappie, salmon, steelhead, trout, walleye and other types of fish.

No Swivel Sinker

The No Swivel sinker is designed for anglers who fish with slinky or pencil lead. Traditionally these anglers incorporate a swivel in their rig design. The No Swivel Salamander Sinkers out performs slinky and pencil lead in many side by side comparisons. Just ask the staff professions who have used the sinker and they will affirm that Salamander Sinkers are the innovation in terminal tackle.

Single Swivel Sinker

The single swivel sinker is designed to slide on the pole line. Use the snap swivel that is provided as a terminator and to connect the leader. This configuration provides outstanding performance and allows the least resistance. The conventional plastic bead works well but requires more maintenance to the knot and line.

The single swivel is a deadly rig when it is configured "drop shot" style. The sinker body slides over rocks with ease while keeping the bait in the strike zone.

Double Swivel Sinker


Double swivel sinkers work great for drift fishing, float fishing and trolling. They are very effective in swift rock laden water because they require less maintenance during long periods of casting bait.

Salamander Sinkers Double Swivel Sinker is excellent for trolling. This is because of the recess design of the open end. This feature allows water to enter the front of the sinker and  is redirected 360 degree back creating a force. This force causes the sinker to "track" in a straight line. It doesn't wobble or tumble regardless of the retrieval speed. Our 3/4 and 1 oz models are outstanding for trolling. Use them with your favorite baits. Use your favorite trolling lure to catch all types of fish.


Drift fishing applications with Salamander Sinkers


The diagram below shows how much area can be covered using the Salamander Sinkers. By targeting cast to specific areas an angler can cover a vast amount of space. Also by leaving the bale open after the cast the current will carry the bait down stream and pull line off the spool greatly extending the casting distance.


Anglers can choose one of Salamander Sinkers' models with enough weight so that the bait travels at current speed, bouncing occasionally on the bottom where fish hold. Salamander Sinkers snag resistant properties allows anglers to fish obstructions that would hang up traditional rigs. Salamander Sinkers lead free construction makes it ideal for anglers and the environment. Its inline design prevents the bait from wrapping around the sinker.


The configuration below illustrates the sinker with a snap, swivel, leader and bait. Use your favorite artificial or natural bait. Use unweighted bait that will flow naturally in current.


This rig allows the angler to quickly change out bait without tying knots. Construct several hook and leader rigs before arriving at the water. Simply open the snap and change out the rig.



Line: When fishing with Salamander Sinkers always use the larger test rated line on your pole rather than on your leader. For example if the leader is rated at 6- 10 lb test use at least 10-12 lb test (preferably braided for line diameter, sensitivity and strength) on your pole. Use low visibility line especially for steelhead fishing. The reason for this requirement is the hook will inadvertently encounter an obstruction at the bottom of the fishing environment and become snagged. When pressure is applied to the line a break will occur at the least point of resistance which in this case will be the leader. The break will most likely occur where the leader is attached to the hook or the sinker. A variety of lines can be used depending on the environment. For mud or sand bottoms use a 6 to 8 ft fluorocarbon or monofilament leader. In heavy rocks or tree laden creeks and rivers use 10 to 15 lb monofilament or braid. Braid line works very well because it will pull the hook out of most snags. Below are a few of the endless baits that can be used with the sinker.


Leader: Use fluorocarbon or monofilament line for your leader. Fluorocarbon is practically invisible to fish while the stretch properties of monofilament line allows for better hook set.


Knots: Attach one end of the leader to the closed end of the sinker and attach the other end of the leader to the hook and tie with a knot. There are many different types of knots that can be used depending on the preference of the angler. There are three great sites that contain details on knots used specifically for fishermen. One web site is Grog™ which has a section devoted to fishing. Another good place to learn how to tie knots for fishing is Finally, if you like videos try VideoFishingKnots.


Hooks: Various types of hooks can be used with Salamander Sinkers. Jig tails and grub tails work well with a floating jig. Regular hooks can also be used especially if they are bent at the eye such as worm hooks. Do not use weight jig hooks or attach additional weight to the hook. The hook should be as light and small as possible.


Baits: Plastic worms on a worm hook have been staple bait for many fishermen. Color selection is a consideration and the general rule is dark colors in darker water and light colors in lighter water. Shape and size are experimental, personal and subjective matters. Popular soft plastics include worms, lizards, and tubes in a wide range of colors. Make sure the point of the hook is slightly embedded in the bait to prevent snagging with obstructions. Live bait such as minnows and worms can also be used.


Rods: The selection of a rod should be based on your personal preference and the fishing environment. The river angler wading in waist deep water may prefer a 6-9 foot medium action rod for control and usability while a bass fisherman on a boat may prefer a 7 foot rod because it is better suited for his quarry. Make sure your rod is rated for the weight of the sinker.


Reels: Open face spinning reels work well with Salamander Sinkers. High gear ratios allow the angler to take up slack in the line quickly when fishing in a fast environment such as swift water. Bait casting reels are exceptional when fishing calmer waters.


That's about all there is to rigging up Salamander Sinkers. Try the sinkers for yourself and you will experience the performance, fun and pleasure of what fishing should be!


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