Salamander Sinkers is the ultimate crappie rig. Try it and see why anglers are including it as part of their crappie arsenal. To understand why Salamander Sinkers is such an effective way of catching crappie first look at the application most anglers currently use.

They catch crappie from the top down. This means some sort of flotation device is used to present the bait. Usually it is a bobber attached to a line with a sinker and baited hook. The hook is usually 2 -3 feet below the bobber and the rig is cast to a spot and the waiting begins. This is top down fishing.

Salamander Sinkers uses a bottom up presentation for crappie. The bottom up approach uses a sinker to get the bait near the bottom. There are two application for this presentation. The first uses a drop shot configuration with the single swivel sinker. A Palomar knot is used secure the baited hook 6-24 inches about the sinkers. For general fishing use a 1/8 to 1/4 oz sinker tied directly to the pole line. Cast the rig and slowly retrieve it. This application works great in lakes that have smooth or rocky bottoms.

The second application uses the Salamander Rig configuration with a 1/8 to 3/8 oz sinker with a bead and swivel attached to the pole line. A 6-36 inch monofilament or fluorocarbon lead is attached to a baited hook. This configuration is great for lakes and rivers with downed trees. This application limits rig loss to the hook and or leader since most snags are caused by the hook.



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