Drift Fishing


  • Salamander Sinkers is the premier drift fishing sinker from the ultra lite 3.0 grams sinker to 1.0 oz sinker.
  • As the current pushes the rig downstream, the lure is the first object the fish sees followed by a practically invisible leader and a sinker that looks like any other dark stick sliding on the bottom.
  • Use them for all types of species.


Once the rod, reel and line have been identified choose a sinker for the conditions you will fish. Change out different weights until the right one is found for the specific rig that works best. For ultra lite rigs use the 3.0 to 5.0 gram series sinkers. For moderate current try the 1/4 to 1/2 oz models and for swift current try the 3/4 to 1.0 oz models.


To configure the rig tie a knot (nail, perfection, loop, etc) to the end of the pole line and slide the sinker through the loop. Select a mono-filament or fluorocarbon leader and attach it to lure and sinker. You are ready to fish.



Floating Line


  • Salamander Sinkers are outstanding with floating line for drift fishing
  • Drag is reduced since the line floats on top of the water.
  • This creates a natural presentation of the lure.


To make the rig attach a 2 – 5 feet line leader (mono or fluorocarbon) to the floating line of your choice of knots (nail, perfection, loop, etc.). Select a Salamander Sinker based on your specific conditions. Attach a second leader from the sinker to the lure. You are ready to fish.





Float Fishing without the Float.


When combined with floating line the rig combines many of the features of center pin rigs without the float.


Use with a spinning rod and control every aspect of the drift. Make short, long and intermediate cast and measure out the line to cover all areas.


Track and mend line throughout the cast to maintain full control.


The chart below illustrates casting.



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