Terry Wiest

Salamander Sinkers – The “Do All” Sinker

One of the essential components to fishing, any kind of fishing, is the sinker. Most of us don’t even think about it. Throw a piece of lead on and you have it right? We’ll, this is not always the best solution. To take advantage of every situation the correct weight and the correct amount of weight will give you an advantage of presenting the most natural presentation.

Salamander Sinkers Inline: Let’s take float fishing. I’ve recommended in-line weights for years. There are three major components which will allow the perfect drift. Weight, float and lure. The weight, plus the lure will equal the float size. Example: 1/4oz weight plus 1/8oz jig = 3/8oz float. All three components are crucial. An in-line weight gives the advantage of nothing “swinging” from the line to the lure. Everything is in a single line which is what you want. Salamander Sinkers is the newest member of the in-line weight family, and the only one I know of which is lead free – a plus since many groups are trying to outlaw the use of lead in our water systems.

For us Salmon and Steelhead fisherman, drift fishing is a staple. As many of us experience every time we got out, we lose our lead, that’s a given. But does it have to be? The Salamander Sinker is designed to minimize the number of “snags”. It’s tubular, lead free design will free itself where traditional lead will seize. Many anglers will choose a “slinky” which reduces the number of snags, but you don’t have the traditional “feel” of lead ticking the bottom. The Salamander Sinker takes care of this. You can “feel” the bottom like traditional lead, but it frees itself like a slinky… it’s the perfect combination for drift fishing.

You can set up the Salamander Sinkers directly to the eye of the built in swivel, or better yet attach it to a slider for even less resistance when a fish strikes. The latter is extremely effective while side drifting.

Salamander stick the “newest” weight to hit the rivers is the Stick Weight, used for bobber doggin. Guess what? The Salamander Sinker takes care of this too! The 3/4oz size is long enough and weighs enough to rival any Stick Weight you should happen to make, plus, you can purchase them instead of making them. Another bonus for most of us.

Salamander Sinkers comes in sizes and styles for all types of fishing. Both single and double swivels (in-line) and sizes ranging from 1/8oz to 1 1/4oz. Order a few of each size and style and you’ll be set.


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