Salamander Sinkers is the best overall sinker for catching walleye especially in rivers. The sinker is designed to drift downstream without snagging. The sinker provides the walleye angler with several applications for catching fish.

The diagram below shows how much area can be covered using the Salamander Sinkers. By targeting cast to specific areas an angler can cover a vast amount of space. Also by leaving the bale open after the cast the current will carry the bait down stream and pull line off the spool greatly extending the casting distance.

Anglers can choose one of our models with enough weight so that the bait travels at current speed, bouncing occasionally on the bottom where walleyes hold. Salamander Sinkers snag resistant properties allows anglers to fish obstructions that would hang up traditional rigs. Configure the rig either with the Salamander Sinkers Rig or inline to make rock covered fishing environments totally accessible. Salamander Sinkers lead free construction makes it ideal for anglers and the environment. Its inline design prevents the bait from wrapping around the sinker.

    •Enhanced Carolina Rig style
    •Inline design prevents bait from entangling with sinker
    •Salamander Sinkers won't tumble or twist and can be retrieved at any speed or rod angle

In current the new innovative design of Salamander Sinkers doesn't bounce but slides over obstructions keeping the bait in the fish striking zone longer than conventional sinkers.

Anglers will also experience longer casts. With conventional sinkers, once the current has carried the fishing rig to the end of the cast the angler must reel in the line quickly or risk becoming snagged in the rocks. With Salamander Sinkers the angler can slowly retrieve the lure without risk of snagging due to the revolutionary design of the sinker.

For ultra-lite and light fishing use the 1/8 and ¼ oz model. We recommend 8-10 lb pole line (preferable low visibility braided line). Use with a 4-8 lb. fluorocarbon or monofilament leader.

For more challenging conditions use the 3/8 – 3/4 model with at least 20 lb pole line (preferable low visibility braid). Use with a 6-20 lb. fluorocarbon or monofilament leader. Use with a inline or same swivel rig. Any traditional bait grubs, and other soft plastics can be used in addition to natural bait. Consider using floating jig hook because they help keep the bait off the bottom.

Trolling Sinker

Salamander Sinkers is great for trolling. Use the 1/2 or 3/4 oz double swivel model with a 3-5 ft leader and your favorite trolling bait. The sinker will slide across reefs while keeping the bait in the fish zone well above the bottom.


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